Reviewing the film of the NFC South chat

We finished the NFC South chat a little bit ago. As always, we covered a lot of ground. I’ll throw out one highlight per team here.

Ryan (Tampa): Josh Freeman will definitely be 100% by opening day?

Pat Yasinskas: Every indication I have is Freeman will be ready for the opener.

nisarg (tarboro, nc): Who is the one guy on thePanthers we don't know of on the roster but should?

Pat Yasinskas: Greg Hardy, but the word's kind of already out on him. Trent Guy would be another one.

Eric (Atlanta): Please give us your thoughts on John Parker Wilson's performance last game. I thought he looked pretty good. Does the brass think he will ever be able to "rise up" to # 2 QB?

Pat Yasinskas: Thought he looked good in last game. But I wasn't impressed with him when I saw him in practice a couple weeks ago. But he wouldn't be on the roster if Falcons didn't think there was potential for him to grow into No. 2 job. Not sure if he's there yet, though.

Jane (NOLA ): Pat, the news on the Saints has been really quiet. Is this the calm before the September 9 storm?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, quiet and calm is good right now. The injuries aren't piling up -- to key players anyway and everyone seems happy. So I think Saints are in a good spot. Things certainly will heat up as we get closer to Sept. 9. But Saints have to like the fact they're stress free right now. Vikings can't say that.

For the complete transcript of the NFC South chat, click here.