Cleaning out the mailbag

I just took one more pass through the mailbag before I cleaned it out in preparation for a coming onslaught. Very shortly, I’ll be making an announcement about how we’re going to handle an idea we’ve been kicking around: Selecting the most disliked figure for each NFC South team.

I’ve set the parameters and we’ll be announcing them as well as one other twist to this project in just a bit. Stay tuned for that. But in the meantime I wanted to answer a few more questions from the mailbag.

Al in Washington, D.C., writes: I'm surprised that you have Everette Brown so low. I know his great preseason alone isn't enough to support moving him up, but he's got a year of experience, has put on weight, and as far as I can tell has the attitude you need to be dominant. I was thinking Tyler Brayton's job might be in danger, but now I guess I should ask if you really see Greg Hardy passing Everette on the depth chart?

Pat Yasinskas: Like I said in the original post, the Panthers still think Brown has a world of potential and could be a factor. But his development hasn’t been rapid. Hardy’s emergence has been incredibly rapid.

Jared in New York writes: I know this may sound a little bit strange, considering his position, but do you think Todd Sauerbrun is a candidate for most (disliked) Panther? As great as he was, he did some pretty bad things for them like refusing to place kick, showing up overweight, getting a DWI, and (being linked to a steroids investigation)?

Pat Yasinskas: That’s going to be up to you as fans, because you’re the ones who are doing the voting. But the list of Sauerbrun’s indiscretions that you ticked off kind of speaks for itself. If I were a fan, I think I’d at least consider giving him a vote. I know some coaches and front-office types at Bank of America Stadium who might give him some votes. Sauerbrun's time in Carolina never was dull.

Nate in Palmer, Alaska, writes: I've never been a fan of Antonio Bryant. I'm laughing still from the news of him getting cut by the Bengals. That noise you hear is me laughing from 6500 miles away! Of course, Bryant's laugh is probably just a little bit louder seeing he made $8 million and I'm still working my tail off to provide for my wife and kids. You can add Antonio Bryant to the most disliked player of the NFC South's history. I’ve never liked the guy.

Pat Yasinskas: You’ll be able to cast your official ballot shortly. Like I wrote yesterday, there are plenty of people inside One Buccaneer Place that aren’t members of the Bryant fan club.

Scott in Atlanta writes: Have not heard anything lately about Jonathan Vilma's strained groin. Any news about how serious?

Pat Yasinskas: Your question was very timely. New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis spoke to the media just a little bit ago and said the injury is not serious. Loomis expects Vilma to be ready for the regular-season opener.