NFC South mailbag

Zach in Greensboro, N.C., writes: I was wondering if you were planning on rating the NFC South running backs. I was disappointed not to see your analysis of them.

Pat Yasinskas: Hang loose just a little bit. The running backs will be the final installment of our NFC South position series. The list of them will run Wednesday and the fullbacks will run Tuesday. I’ve already got them written, but wanted to wait until everyone gets back from the holiday weekend to unveil them.

Luke in Virginia writes: I saw that New Orleans cut Al Woods, who was a 4th round pick they traded up to get. Is that the end of him with New Orleans or could he land with the practice squad and come back in a year or so? It seems odd that they'd cut a pick like that everyone acknowledged was raw but talented. I trust the organization but do you have any insights that could help me understand their thought process?

Pat Yasinskas: Coach Sean Payton said Sunday that he believes Woods has signed with another team’s practice squad. I haven’t seen an official announcement on that from any team yet, but I think it’s safe to say Woods won’t be back with the Saints. Yes, it is somewhat strange the Saints were so willing to part with a mid-round draft pick, especially at a position where they are not loaded with depth. I’ve heard nothing specific as to what the Saints didn’t like about Woods, but it’s obvious that, after seeing him in training camp, they saw some major flaw that convinced them Woods had no future in New Orleans.

JM in Charlotte writes: Do you think that the Panthers would take a flier on Pat White? Maybe he'd convert to WR?

Pat Yasinskas: Why take a flier on White? The guy never did much of anything as a quarterback in Miami, where the Wildcat offense was designed for someone like him. The Panthers aren’t going to bring someone in and suddenly start running the Wildcat on a regular basis when they’ve got a great running game with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart? Converting a quarterback to wide receiver takes time and the Panthers already are doing that with one guy -- Armanti Edwards.

Brandon in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: Can the Bucs please break away from the youth movement for one player and sign Tony Richardson? He blocked for the #1 rushing attack last year and was a great locker room guy. He would also allow Earnest Graham to fully move back to RB, solidifying weak depth at that position.

Pat Yasinskas: Makes some sense, but I doubt it. The Bucs seem totally set on going with youth. They might add a fullback at some point, but it will probably be a younger one.