Mailbag: Tampa Bay Buccaneers edition

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are next in our series of team-by team mailbags.

Drew in Tampa writes: Where would you rank Earnest Graham as a running back in the NFC South? I personally believe he's better than Caddy, I love Caddy and I keep hearing a lot of good things about him, but he's never been the same guy since his first injury towards the end of his rookie season, plus he likes to fumble the ball whenever he runs into the back of his offensive lineman. Graham had a very productive season a few seasons back behind a bad offensive line and was the only real threat on offense. Even though each week he was the guy teams focoused on stopping, he kept having quality outings. I don't understand why the Bucs are so set on keeping him as strictly a fullback. He deserves to carry the ball or at least split carries in a complimentary role.

Pat Yasinskas: If Graham played only at tailback and got the bulk of the carries, I’d probably put him in the same spot where I put Williams, which was No. 5. I thought Graham was a quality running back and still could be one if the Bucs put him back at tailback. But they moved him to fullback and it looks like he’s staying there. He’s a pretty good fullback, too and he and Williams give the Bucs a nice combination in the backfield

David in Germany writes: I've written you several times in the past about Troy Smith and the Bucs. Now that he's a FA, what do you think? He's still young and wouldcould push Josh Johnson to perform since they both run well.

Pat Yasinsks: I’m really not sold on Josh Johnson, but it seems like the Bucs are. They see Johnson as a quality backup, who could start if needed. Again, I don’t share that opinion, but I don’t think the Bucs are in the market for another quarterback.

Eric in Paris, France, writes: Can you explain us what is going on with the TV blackout in Tampa? How does it work? If Ray Jay is not full, so there won't be games on TV? Is it that simple?

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, it is pretty much that simple. If the games are not sold out, they won’t be televised on local television – within a 75 mile radius of Tampa. You might be able to catch the Bucs where you live, but people in the immediate Tampa Bay area will not get to see home games on television if they’re not sold out. From what I’ve been told, the Bucs aren’t expecting many sellouts this season.