Three pennies for your Wonderlic thoughts

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Our folks over at Page 2 secured a copy of the Wonderlic test, which always gets a lot of talk this time of year. You can go ahead and take the sample test here. Keep in mind, you've got only four minutes to answer the 15 questions.

Every time I hear mention of the Wonderlic test, I think back to a classic story I heard years ago about a player who was drafted in the first few rounds by the Miami Dolphins. His name, position and his exact draft spot aren't important.

What is important is this happened before the Wonderlic test was widely used by NFL teams. The legend goes something like this.

The Dolphins used to train at St. Thomas University, which was Biscayne College through part of their time there. The players used to stay in the dorm rooms and legend has it that there was a Miami Herald vending machine outside that would open if you inserted three pennies, even though the advertised price was 25 cents.

The veteran players were good about telling the rookies about the mysterious discount and someone got the word to this particular draft pick. One day, with a group of reporters and team employees standing near the machine, the player walked out and asked if anyone had three pennies so he could get a newspaper.

One guy reached into his pocket and pulled out a cluster of change. It contained quarters, dimes, nickels and way more than three pennies.

The player took the change, looked at it carefully and politely handed it all back.

"No, man, it only works with three pennies,'' he said and walked away without a paper.

The player only lasted a year or two. Some time soon after that, the Dolphins and the rest of the league, wisely, got a lot more serious about the Wonderlic test.