Like David Carr all over again for Panthers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There’s one more reason the Carolina Panthers can’t turn back to Matt Moore as their starting quarterback.

It’s something that came to me after I filed my column last night, and the beauty of websites over newspapers is the cycle is continuous. So let me go ahead and throw out this theory.

Moore actually has become David Carr, circa 2007, and minus the glove. In other words, it’s to a point where the Panthers just can’t start Moore again. The only humane thing to do for Moore and his teammates is to go ahead and start rookie Jimmy Clausen at quarterback immediately.

Just like in 2007 with Carr, it has become obvious the Panthers aren’t going to win with Moore. Putting Moore back on the field against Cincinnati on Sunday would send a horrible message to the rest of the team, something like “We’re not even going to try to win this game." Nobody’s going to come out and say the locker room has lost faith in Moore because he’s a nice guy and has worked hard.

Carr was a nice guy, too. But after Carr bombed so badly in 2007, it would have been cruel to put him back on the field. Cruel to Carr and cruel to his teammates.

As Moore sat in his postgame interview Sunday, he looked and sounded almost exactly like Carr. He looked and sounded like a guy without a lot of confidence.

It looked and sounded like it’s time to turn it over to Clausen.