Saints shuffle backs, add Ladell Betts

With Reggie Bush out for the forseeable future, the New Orleans Saints are scrambling to adjust their situation at running back.

The team has signed veteran Ladell Betts, who they cut in the preseason. Betts is coming off a serious knee injury, but he did show a little promise in his preseason appearances. The Saints also released running back DeShawn Wynn, but he could be brought to the practice squad. The team also has Chris Ivory, who has yet to play this season because of an injury.

The signing of Betts isn’t really going to give the team a player who can handle the things Bush did. Betts is more of a power runner. But the Saints can use that, too. Pierre Thomas gets a lot of carries between the tackles.

Betts might be able to take some of the pounding off Thomas, who likely will be used a bit more as a receiver out of the backfield.