Payton tops ratings, Fox does not

Just checked the weekly NFL Coach Approval Ratings over at SportsNation. No real surprises, but some interesting stuff in the NFC South.

New Orleans’ Sean Payton tops all NFL coaches with 92 percent of voters giving their approval. Kind of makes you wonder what the other eight percent expect from a coach?

On the other end of the spectrum, Carolina’s John Fox is third from the bottom at 15 percent. Only Wade Phillips and Brad Childress are below Fox and they’re going to be tough to beat.

Tampa Bay's Raheem Morris is up to a 74-percent approval rating. This guy took a beating from fans last season and it was justified. But I think Morris grew a lot from the experience and it looks like fans are starting to think this guy just might be able to coach.

Atlanta’s Mike Smith is back in good graces after his team bounced back with a 41-7 victory against Arizona. He’s at 84 percent.