NFC South predictions

Last week, we turned to Accuscore, which runs 10,000 simulations of each game and comes up with an average score, as our way of addressing predictions on the NFC South Blog.

Accuscore was right on two of the three NFC South games last week, missing the Tampa Bay victory against Carolina. That said, let’s take a look at this week’s predictions and, remember, the scores are the average of 10,000 simulations. We’ll also add a little extra perspective this week and include the percentage of simulations Accuscore has the favorite winning.

  • New Orleans 29.2, Atlanta 21.8 with the Saints winning in 71.4 percent of the simulations.

  • Pittsburgh 19.1, Tampa Bay 15.0 with the Steelers winning 63.8 percent of the time.

  • Cincinnati 18.8, Carolina 16.5 with the Bengals winning 56.4 percent of the simulations.

If you want to make your own predictions, hit the comments section below.