Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

Friday’s NFC South chat was filled with some great questions. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Michael from Warner Robins, Ga.: I was very excited to hear that William Moore will be starting a second straight game. Last week he thumped Derek Anderson and caught one of two possible inteceptions. I have been told that he hits as hard at John Lynch, and the look on Derek Anderson's face reenforced that idea. What are your thoughts about Moore and his abilities?

Pat Yasinskas: Think Moore's a player. Falcons are high on him and have been waiting anxiously for him to get on the field. Now, he's getting his chance.

John from Raleigh, N.C.: Do you really think that Jimmy Clausen is the solution to the Panthers QB problems? He hasn't had much time on the field in the regular season, but when he has been on the field he hasn't looked too impressive. What are your thoughts on Tony Pike?

Pat Yasinskas: Carolina fans calling for Pike already??? Give Clausen a chance. He's not going to save the world. But he's your best chance. You really don't want to see Pike playing any time soon. He's a project.

Christian from Portland, Ore.: Hi Pat - hope I'm not too early to get in. Anyway, what does Cody Grimm's start on Sunday say about Sabby Piscitelli's current status and/or future in the Bucs' secondary?

Pat Yasinskas: Says the Bucs see Sabby as a backup strong safety and special-teams player. Says they at least think Grimm has the tools to be a good free safety. With Pittsburgh's QB situation, he might be able to get through this week and get some experience without really getting tested. Then he'll have the bye week to get some more first-team work.

Greg from Salisbury, N.C.: Everyone continues to call Jarrett a bust. His stats argue that point perfectly. What they don't show is how many of those catches were clutch receptions on 3rd and long. I would love to see the numbers on how many of his few receptions were on 3rd down. When the pass is thrown his way, he catches it. Only pass I remember him dropping was a couple years back when it was thrown behind him by Jake and he nearly made an impossible catch. So I ask, why is labeled such an incredible bust with no turnaround in sight? Give him a chance, he will produce.

Pat Yasinskas: Come on, man. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt. But it's year four for him and Panthers started a sixth-round rookie ahead of him last week. I think that says it all.

Here's the entire transcript of Friday's NFC South chat.