On the road to New Orleans

TAMPA, Fla. -- The NFC South Blog is about to set out on the journey to New Orleans.

I’ll be covering Sunday’s NFC South showdown between the Saints and Falcons at the Superdome. I’ll also be teaming up with my good friend and colleague John Clayton.

Memo to any Saints fans who take predictions too seriously and happen to be carrying eggs if you spot Clayton and me on our way to the game: I was the one who picked your team to repeat as Super Bowl champions. Clayton did not and also was the guy holding you down in the early Power Rankings, although he voted you No. 1 this week.

Just to be clear, Clayton is the guy you see on television all the time. He’ll probably be wearing glasses and a blue blazer. I’m much taller than he is and I’ll be wearing a polo or golf shirt.

All kidding aside, Clayton and I will be providing analysis and updates before, during and after the game. Also, if you’re really bored at approximately 11:45 a.m. ET, I’m scheduled to preview the game on ESPN Radio.