Jason Taylor could have a bridge to Tampa Bay

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

AFC East colleague Tim Graham throws out a logical question: Should the Dolphins bring in defensive end Jason Taylor? The Redskins released Taylor on Monday.

A move to Miami would make a lot of sense because Taylor spent most of his career there. But let's take this question and change a word.

Should the Bucs bring in Taylor?

As long as we're thinking about how Taylor's background might play into his future, Tampa Bay seems to be at least as much of a possibility as Miami. Taylor and Dolphins czar Bill Parcells, didn't exactly part on good terms. Sometimes, bridges can be reconstructed.

But there's already a bridge in Tampa Bay. Taylor had some of his best seasons when Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Jim Bates was with the Dolphins. It might be a nice idea to have a veteran guy like Taylor around to show Gaines Adams how to get to the quarterback. Also, it might be a good idea for the Bucs to sign a "big name'' before their poor fans go nuts.

So we'll ask again -- should the Bucs bring in Taylor? Go ahead and hash that out in the comments section or mailbag.