Reviewing film of NFC South chat

As always, we covered a lot of ground in Friday’s NFC South chat. Here are some highlights.

nisarg (tarboro, nc): I’ve heard that the panthers are trying to trade Steve Smith for some draft picks. Why [in] the world would the Panthers do that he is the only player we have at WR making plays. Please tell me that this won't happen.

Pat Yasinskas: I think fans are getting a little too worked up about this. It's been thrown out there as speculation by a couple writers. Could it happen? I wouldn't rule it out. But, to the best of my knowledge, the Panthers aren't actively shopping Smith and he has NOT asked to be traded.

Bill (Bellingham): What kind of year do you see Mike Williams (TB) having? He's a big-play waiting to happen, but is he a WR the Bucs can and will lean on this year?

Pat Yasinskas: Think he's pretty much already their No. 1 and he should only keep getting better.

Paulitik (Alexandria, VA): Hey Pat, any word on Sean Weatherspoon's ankle? The Falcons are so hush about injuries, we don't know what to think. As much as I'd like to see him Sunday, we might need to rest him to chase down Vick in 2 weeks.

Pat Yasinskas: Nothing new today yet. Will get report later this afternoon. But he hasn't practiced last two days, so I'm not optimistic. Tend to agree with you about resting him for Philly. Going back to Stephan Nicholas for this game is not a big drop off.

Joel (Endicott, NY): How did John Fox ever find Jeff Davidson, I had never heard of him before he became the OC in Carolina, If I believe he was with the Browns before Carolina.............WHY DID FOX GET THIS GUY?

Pat Yasinskas: Davidson was viewed as a Charlie Weis clone. I'm not sure that Fox gave in to fan pressure. But there was a lot of fan pressure to get rid of Dan Henning. Just curious what Carolina fans think about Dan Henning these days?

Joel (Endicott NY): I was one of the people who wanted Henning out a couple years ago, I thought his play call was very very bad, and what did we do, we went and got another bad play caller. There is no imagination in the offense and we are making no attempt to get the ball to our best reciever, if hes doubled, move him around, at least Henning was able to get Smith the ball.

Pat Yasinskas: Think a lot of people share your thoughts on that one. But I think what it tells you is the OC isn't really the problem. Fox gives the orders about what he wants the offense to be in general and that really limits the OC.

For the complete transcript of the NFC South chat, click here.