Greer explains why he chose Saints

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

My AFC East colleague Tim Graham just caught up with Jabari Greer. He's the former Buffalo cornerback who signed with the New Orleans Saints earlier Wednesday.

Greer was also pursued by Tampa Bay, Detroit and Cleveland. Greer explained why he chose New Orleans. If you're a Saints' fan, look at his word and take heart that your defense finally might get straightened out.

"It just came down to what was the best fit for me,'' Greer said. "New Orleans has the
pieces in place, and they have the best opportunity for me to succeed. The No. 1 offense in the league twice within the last three years. They're getting their defense together. They signed (Jonathan) Vilma. They have two All Pro defensive ends, which makes a corner's life so much easier. They have an excellent fan base that supports and embraces their players. They have an owner, a GM and a coach that's all on the same page and committed to winning. They have the things in place to make this a winning football team.''

First, we'll give Greer a pass on calling defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith "All-Pros." They're not, but they do have worlds of potential.

Now, if you're a Bucs' fan, go ahead and start wondering why Greer wasn't saying the same thing about Tampa Bay. There used to be a time when defensive players loved to come to Tampa Bay.