Mailbag: Saturday edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

It's shaping up as a very quiet weekend in the NFC South. No visits or imminent signings that I'm aware of at the moment. That could always change, but indications are it will stay quiet until Monday.

But that hasn't stopped you from filling up the mailbag. So let's take a look at some of your questions.

Brent in Bozeman MT writes: Hey love the info Pat Two questions, Do you really think Jamaal Anderson is a bust, if i remember right it took him three years to make any noise in college he had like 3,8,then 11 sacks his junior year, plus it took Roddy White, Jenkins, even Chauncy Davis three years to make any noise, Second question i believe you said we were some where around 25 million under cap is that included the horrible Vick contract or not since he is suspended.

Pat Yasinskas: Although a lot of Falcons fans are ready to give up on Jamaal Anderson, the coaching staff isn't. There's still a lot of untapped talent and the Falcons are hoping the proverbial light comes on in Year Three. But I also think the Falcons believe Chauncey Davis could be ready to take over as the starter if Anderson doesn't step up. The Falcons had about $20 million in cap room at the start of free agency. Don't have an exact update for you, but that figure has dropped with the re-signing of some of their own players. Michael Vick's contract doesn't count against the cap as long as he's suspended. If he's reinstated, he'll start counting and there's still about $15 million in pro-rated bonuses that have to be accounted for.

Devin in Dallas writes: I feel like the Bucs are making some great additions to the team but I still feel uncomfortable with Luke McCown under center...is there any chance the Bucs can get solid QB to lead the team for years to come?

Pat Yasinskas: A lot of Tampa Bay fans share your uncertainty about Luke McCown and that's very understandable because he's barely played. But the Bucs have seen him in practice for several years and they must feel good about him if they re-signed him. That said, they're not done at quarterback. The Broncos have said they're not trading Jay Cutler, but you never know if that could change. There are some decent free agents remaining (Rex Grossman, Kyle Boller, etc.) and drafting a quarterback is certainly a possibility. From what I know, the Bucs will add another quarterback to the mix at some point.

Ian in Atlanta writes: Pat, Great job with the nfc south blog. I'm a big Falcons fan, and its been killer in the past getting one article every month or so about them in the offseason (usually negative). This offseason, they haven't done much at all, but you've done great keeping us fans fed on any updates, i especially love when you let us know they aren't interested in certain big name free agents because fans always wonder about those big name guys for the preseason hype if anything, even if they are washed up i.e. roy williams, T.O. I know you said the Falcons are going young on D this year, but any chance they will pick up a couple veteran back ups/starters out of the recently cut FA's?

Pat Yasinskas: The Falcons have been very clear that they want to continue building through the draft and there's no reason to doubt that. I don't see them pursuing any of the big-name free agents still available. But I think you could see a veteran or two added to the defense later on. I'm talking after the draft, when the Falcons see what exactly they have to work with and where there might be some holes. I don't think it will be anything dramatic and you won't see them signing any 35-year-olds, but it wouldn't hurt to bring in a little bit of experience and leadership.

Trevor in Hickory NC writes: Pat do you think the panthers would use their 2nd round pick on a QB? if so what do you think about Josh Freeman?

Pat Yasinskas: I have a tough time seeing John Fox and Marty Hurney using their second-round pick on a quarterback. They have long been believers that it takes too long for a rookie quarterback to develop. They don't have a first-round pick this year (at least as of now) and they've got some other needs to fill. I do like Josh Freeman, but I think he'll go in the first round.

AD in Raleigh writes: So its been relatively quiet here in Carolina during the first parts of FA, but now Holt says he wants out of St. Louis. He is an NCSU alum and he already said he would like to play here so what are the odds that Carolina can get something done? I think if it's possible, he would be a great fit and he would make Carolina's offense even better. How crazy would it be having that kind of running game AND Smith across from Holt?

Pat Yasinskas: Don't rule this one out. Like you said, Torry Holt has Carolina ties. The Panthers also have a history of bringing in players from the Carolinas (Stephen Davis, Ricky Proehl). The Panthers don't have a lot of cap room to work with, but Holt might come at a reasonable price. Keep an eye on this one.

Mookie in parts unknown writes: Hey Pat, 2 quick questions, Have you heard about any team showing interest in Lance Moore and has he been in any serious talks with any of them ? I'd hate to lose him. Also, It seems like the Saints and Gerald Sensabaugh talks has come to a stand still, Is he entertaining other options, Or are they crunching the numbers with him and his agent?

Pat Yasinskas: I haven't heard any rumblings of any teams making an offer to restricted free agent Lance Moore. That could happen, but I don't think you have to worry too much about this one. The Saints would have the chance to match any offer (and get a second-round pick if Moore goes elsewhere). But I think the Saints like Moore a lot and will do what they have to do to prevent him from going anywhere. They also may still be looking at signing him to a long-term contract. As for safety Gerald Sensabaugh, the Saints had him in for a visit this week. They also had safety Darren Sharper in. I think both remain possibilities and there could be some movement in that area next week.

Mark in Covington, LA writes: Do you think the Saints really believe Dan Morgan is the answer to weak side linebacker?

Pat Yasinskas: Mark, let me start by saying I covered Dan Morgan throughout his career in Carolina and he truly is one of the best human beings in the league. When Morgan was healthy, he was one of the best linebackers I've ever seen. Sadly, we all know Morgan had lots of problems staying healthy and that's always going to be a
concern. But when Morgan told me he was ending his retirement, he said he feels better than he has at any point since he came into the league and that's a good sign. I don't think the Saints can put all their eggs in one basket here. But, if Morgan can stay healthy and give them a full season, it would be a huge boost for that defense.