Mailbag: New Orleans Saints edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

The New Orleans Saints are the next stop in our series of team-by-team mailbags.

Cory in Dallas, TX writes: Pat, here we go again. I emailed you last week and you posted it about the rumor of LT coming to the Saints. I initially thought it was bogus. But, a part of me was excited and quite frankly, hopeful. Now there are stories all over the web about Drew talking to LT about the possibility of him playing in New Orleans. I just want to know what your take on all this is. Obviously we would have to drop some players to make room (Jason David hopefully). Just need to know if it I should hold my breath.

Pat Yasinskas: The latest news on the LaDainian Tomlinson saga is that he still is talking to the Chargers about restructuring his contract. But, if those talks blow up, I think New Orleans is a logical landing spot. We all know about his connection to Drew Brees and the fact the Saints need some consistency in the running game. My only word of caution is that, if Tomlinson comes, he might not carry the Saints straight to the Super Bowl. He's got some mileage on him and is not the same player he was a few years ago. I think he can be a nice role player if he can be added at a reasonable price. But the bottom line is the Saints have to keep fixing up their defense if they're really going to be a contender.

Kenny in Biloxi,MS writes: What about the Saints adding a veteran receiver like M. Harrison?

Pat Yasinskas: Marvin Harrison is a great receiver, who can still bring leadership and experience wherever he goes. But I'm not sure the Saints really need him. I think New Orleans has the potential to have one of the league's best receiving corps. Marques Colston and Lance Moore are two very good starters. Devery Henderson is a nice deep threat and he made big strides with his overall game last year. The two wildcards here are the young receivers, Robert Meachem and Adrian Arrington. Meachem has struggled in his first two seasons, but still has lots of potential. Arrington was having a very nice rookie preseason before he got hurt. If those two guys can play up to their potential, the Saints have all the receivers they'll need.

Brandon in Lafayette writes: What are the chances that teams ask Roy Williams to change positions from saftie to olb and what are the chances the Saints would be interested in a move like this?

Pat Yasinskas: That's a theory that's been thrown around with Roy Williams before and I think some teams would consider it. But I think the Saints are in decent shape at linebacker. I think safety is a much bigger need and Williams, who is not good in coverage, doesn't fit that need. I think the Saints have to go out and get a free safety who can make some big plays. That's their No. 1 need right now.