Your thoughts on Dunta Robinson's hit

You’ve probably seen the replay of the hit by Atlanta’s Dunta Robinson on Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson at least several times by now.

It was helmet to helmet and it was very violent, but was it dirty?

I wouldn’t call it dirty. Both players were going at full speed and Robinson made the move in a split second. I don’t think it was intentional, because Robinson probably felt the impact as much as Jackson did.

Both players left the game and did not return. Robinson was flagged for unnecessary roughness and he could end up drawing a fine for the hit. Should his penalty be more severe?

It’s definitely a topic of conversation around the league. Our friends at SportsNation are running several polls related to this play and focusing on violence and player safety around the league. You can vote here on whether or not you think Robinson’s hit was dirty and go here to vote on several other related questions.