On further review, John Fox can't get break

I’m just starting to work my way through the weekly truckload of numbers that ESPN Stats & Information sends us and will probably generate several posts off it Wednesday.

But I was just browsing how all NFL coaches have fared when it came to replay challenges. I saw the results for Carolina’s John Fox and it made me think of a line from “Hoosiers,’’ which for my money is one of the five best movies of all time and I’m not just talking sports movies. I can’t repeat it on a family blog, but those who have seen the movie might recall the scene where “Coach Norman Dale’’ (played by Gene Hackman) gets invited to dinner by the mother of the character played by Barbara Hershey.

For those who didn’t see the movie or don’t recall the line, let’s just say that Fox hasn’t seen a lot of sunshine this season. Yeah, he got a win Sunday, but this guy just isn’t catching many breaks.

When it comes to challenging replays, Fox swung five times and missed five times. Six other coaches haven’t won a challenge yet, but none of them has challenged as many times as Fox.

The rest of the NFC South coaches have fared much better in this category. Atlanta’s Mike Smith is batting .500. He’s won two of his four challenges.

New Orleans’ Sean Payton has won three of his four challenges and that 75-percent mark ranks him No. 6 in the league. The five guys ahead of him are all perfect on their challenges and one of them is from the NFC South.

Yep, at least on a percentage basis, Tampa Bay’s Raheem Morris is the king of the NFC South when it comes to challenges. He’s made one challenge and he won it.