Raheem Morris knew what he was saying

Raheem Morris raised a lot of eyebrows around the league -- and the world -- Sunday when he said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the best team in the National Football Conference.

On face value, the statement is, at the very least, premature and, at most, ludicrous. I didn’t have a major problem with Morris saying it at the time and I think some others took the statement for what it really was. Morris has a team that’s clearly on the rise, he’s shooting for more and he’s always trying to motivate his team.

When pressed a bit more about his initial declaration Thursday, that’s pretty much how Morris broke it down.

“I think everybody took it the wrong way," Morris said. “I think everybody took it as me bragging. That was not bragging. That’s a mentality we set up for these guys. “It’s like it is with your kids; when you send them out into the world or to do whatever it is they’re going to do in this competition in sports or in school or whatever, you tell them to go be their best. And that’s what I’m telling my guys. I tell them, there’s no reason we can’t be the best. It’s always a mentality before it’s a reality and we’re setting our mentality up to be the very best."

That’s not bragging. That’s good, healthy motivation. Then again, there's a pretty good chance Morris' comments are being used as motivation in a lot of other locker rooms around the NFC.