Carolina Panthers mailbag

The Carolina Panthers are up in today's series of team-by-team mailbags.

Greg in Greenville, S.C., writes: I was just reading your "How I See It" post and I think I know why Steve Smith is dropping passes. At least to my untrained eye, it looks like he is trying to break a big play every time he touches the ball. You can't blame him, as he has the ability and the team obviously needs it, but that seems to have come back to bite him on his drops and the fumble last week.

Pat Yasinskas: You might have a very good point. Smith, historically, hasn’t dropped a lot of passes. We all know how competitive he is and how much he wants to win and excel. He may be pressing too much and trying to carry the team.

Patrick in Boone, N.C., writes: Given Carolina’s recent problem with being able to put up points is not Jeff Davidson’s fault just as much as John Fox's?

Pat Yasinskas: Ultimately, the style of offense is up to the head coach and Fox has had a pretty bland offense throughout his tenure. Davidson calls the plays, but he does it within the framework of what Fox wants. Davidson was the guy Fox brought in after firing Dan Henning. A lot of Carolina fans used to bash Henning and he was a scapegoat in his final season with the Panthers. But I’ve never seen much out of Davidson’s offense to give me any reason to think he’s a better coordinator than Henning was.

Harris in Weaverville, N.C., writes: Can you think of anything good to say about the Panthers' offense? Nah, me either.

Pat Yasinskas: Phew! I’m trying and I’m not coming up with much. The best I can give you right now is to tell you that DeAngelo Williams, Travelle Wharton, Ryan Kalil and Jordan Gross are really nice guys. That’s about it.