Atlanta Falcons mailbag

We’ll start today’s series of NFC South mailbags with the Atlanta Falcons.

Evan in Columbus, Miss., writes: I know a lot more analysts are giving the Falcons credit, but is the culture around ESPN still that the Falcons aren't for real? Or is it just because they don't have the drama other teams do?

Pat Yasinskas: I beg to differ a little bit. I think the Falcons get plenty of attention. They’ve been in the conversation as the NFC’s best team for weeks and they’re No. 3 in this week’s Power Rankings. I’ve spent the past few days out at Flowery Branch and will be covering tonight’s game. It’s true that the Falcons don’t come with a lot of drama, but I think fans should view that as a positive.

Jason in Burke, Va. writes: Why didn't the Falcons go after Al Harris? Would he have helped out a secondary that is giving up at least a couple big pass plays a game?

Pat Yasinskas: The Falcons know they have to touch up a few things on defense. But they like the personnel they have and aren’t going to make any dramatic changes in the middle of the season.

Travis in Jacksonville, Fla. writes: I've seen conflicting reports on the status of Roddy White. Yesterday you quoted Mike Smith saying that Roddy was a good possibility for Thursday's game. Other reports yesterday said he's doubtful.

Pat Yasinskas: Officially, White is listed as questionable. But Smith said he anticipates White will play and White has said several times he expects to play. Unless he woke up today with some sort of setback, I’m pretty sure White will be playing tonight.