Mailbag: New Orleans Saints edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

The New Orleans Saints on our team-by-team mailbag tour.

Hendrik in Koblenz, Germany writes: Hey Pat, it's great to have the opportunity to ask some questions.. I wonder wether the Saints are going to give Jahri Evans a contract extension. Hes is arguably the best young guard in the NfL and should be kept around to keep Drew upright. And i too wonder why there are so many experts expecting Beanie Wells to be the pick because i think Pierre Thomas did a great job and showed he can deliver and i think the Saints just need a better option at Sam or Will and they will be a Superbowl contender.. WHO DAT NATION!!!!

Pat Yasinskas: I know the Saints were at least talking about the possibility of a long-term deal with Jahri Evans during the season last year and I strongly suspect they'd still like to do that. They've got a good offensive line in place and it makes sense to keep it together. As for the running back question -- and I'm getting that one from lots of readers -- my gut says the Saints can make better use of the No. 14 by drafting a defensive player. That's not a knock on Beanie Wells. But I like Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush has his positives. I don't think it makes sense to use a first-round pick on a guy you're going to use as a short-yardage back. I think the Saints can find that later in the draft. Or maybe they've already got that in Mike Bell.

KC in parts unknown writes: I think one of the most under the radar signings was the signing of Rod Coleman. He was a BEAST during his career before the last two season with the Falcons. Now that he is on a team with depth at the DT position and he should stay healthy due to the rotation, do you think this could be the sleeper pick up of the year for the Saints?

Pat Yasinskas: I like the move as well. Not sure that Rod Coleman will be the player he was with the Falcons, but I don't think the Saints are expecting him to be that. He's getting up there in age and could be a nice part of the rotation. Coleman said his body needed a year off from football. In a situational role, I think he could help the interior pass rush. Putting him and Sedrick Ellis together in the middle could also help defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant become more productive as pass rushers.

EddieC Cape Coral Fl writes: Since everyone believes we are taking Malcom Jenkins or Beanie Wells. What would you think the best fit is? Our defense is or biggest problem down the stretch and running game isn't to impressive with Reggie Bush being a dud.

Pat Yasinskas: I'm with you. I say the Saints should take Malcolm Jenkins. He can play cornerback or safety. I know the Saints already have made some moves to their secondary with Jabari Greer and Darren Sharper. But I think last year showed the importance of having depth in the defensive backfield.

Sam in Lafayette writes: Pat, after hearing all the news about the Saints meeting with Rashad Jennings, I'm compelled to believe that the Saints will try to trade down for more picks with hopes of picking him up in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Do you see this happening, and which teams do you think would make the trade?

Pat Yasinskas: I like your idea about trading down and perhaps getting Rashad Jennings -- or some other power runner -- in the second or third round. As far as what teams might be interested in trading for New Orleans' first pick (No. 14 overall), we probably won't know until the Saints are on the clock. But I think it's a realistic possibility that the Saints could trade down to somewhere in the 20s, get one of the defensive players they like and add an extra pick.