Tuesday morning mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Here's another edition of the NFC South mailbag:

Jim in the Twin Cities writes: Regarding your comments about best player in Falcon's or Saints history. It's hard to believe you could leave Morton Anderson out of the discussion. Especially when you are trying to name just one standout on the Falcons. I can't say I know much about the Falcons, but Morton is the first name I think of when I hear Atlanta Falcons. He's the player that put them into the Super Bowl. Certainly the Saints had a few players worthy of mention before Morton, but not the Falcons.

Pat Yasinskas: Point taken. Morten Andersen is one of the greatest kickers in NFL history. He did play a big role in the history of both the Saints and Falcons. With all due respect to kickers, I just have a difficult time naming a kicker the best player in the history of any NFL franchise.

Khary in Atlanta writes: Why isn't DJ Shockley getting more attention? He seems to be the best quarterback for a substandard line and a could-be prominent running game. Honestly when I watch Shockley I think baby Vick. I really have been pondering this question all off-season so, I would greatly apppreciate an answer.

Pat Yasinskas: The Falcons like Shockley and think he has potential. But they've invested the future of the franchise (and a ton of money) in Matt Ryan. Shockley had some first-team snaps in training camp, but the Falcons are working toward getting Ryan ready to be their starter and they're hoping he stays in that spot for a long time.

Adrien C in New Orleans writes: With Hollis Thomas's injury, why isn't the two starters at defensive tackle Brian Young and Ellis? Not taking anything from Klancy, but Brian Young has a lot of experience as a starter for the Saints. I would think that Young and Ellis would be solid defensive tackle scheme for the Saints. Thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: It's still possible Young could end up in the starting lineup. But they're going with Kendrick Clancy right now and I think part of that may be because they think Young might be more effective as the third tackle in a rotation. He's 31, which is pretty old for a defensive lineman, and only played in nine games last year. The Saints will sort this out shortly. But, either way, Young will play a big role.

Mike in parts unknown writes: When and where will Simms wind up?

Pat Yasinskas: It's hard to say where Chris Simms will end up. The logical spots right now are Dallas, Minnesota and Chicago. And any of those are possible. The Bucs are waiting for somebody to step up and make a decent offer. At best, they'll get a late-round pick for a quarterback who hasn't played in nearly two years. At worst, they'll get nothing in return and be forced to release him. Somebody will grab him quickly because, injury history aside, Simms once showed he could be an NFL starter. There aren't many of those guys on the market and it's worth taking a chance.

Michael in Mississippi writes: If cadillac williams is out in free agency in fantasy football is he worth a chance on taking?

Pat Yasinskas: Only if it's in the very late rounds of your draft. Honestly, I don't think Williams will play this year but the Bucs are holding out some hope because he's been making progress. I think he might open the season on the physically unable to perform list. At best, he might be ready to play around the middle of the season.