Matt Ryan, Drew Brees for MVP?

Mike Sando has his weekly MVP Watch on the NFC West blog and he has two candidates listed from the NFC South.

Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan and New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees are on the list. Atlanta receiver Roddy White has fallen off the list.

I've said almost all season that White has been the MVP of the division. I still feel that way. But, as I pointed out in this morning's NFC South Stock Watch, White's stock is down a bit after two consecutive games that were pretty ordinary. If White can string together a few big games down the stretch, he's back in the race. But I'm not going to dispute Sando's choice to leave him off the list right now.

Sando has Ryan ranked No. 3 (and rising) behind only Tom Brady and Philip Rivers. Ryan's numbers hold up pretty well with Brady. Rivers has bigger numbers than both, but his team isn't winning as much as the Patriots and Falcons.

Could Ryan really end up as the MVP?

It's a bit of a stretch. He's not the best or most prolific quarterback in the league. But Ryan's showed a knack for winning games late and winning against good teams. He also hasn't turned the ball over in the last four games. If he keeps doing that and the Falcons keep winning, he just might have a shot.

Sando has Brees at No. 5 (with his arrow going down). Sando points out Brees has thrown at least one interception in each of the past seven games, which is very unlike Brees. But he belongs in the argument because he has as many touchdown passes as Rivers and almost as many passing yards. Plus, the Saints are 8-3 and, if they can continue winning, Brees has a chance.