Falcons one game from spot in history

This four-game streak without a turnover by the Atlanta Falcons had me thinking earlier today. I knew it was significant, but I wanted some perspective, so I reached out out to my friends at ESPN Stats & Information and they also enlisted some help from Elias Sports Bureau.

I already knew this was a franchise record for Atlanta, but it turns out this streak is a lot more significant than I ever imagined. The Falcons have a chance to make history Sunday when they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They already are part of a very elite crew and they can separate themselves from all the rest if they go through the Tampa Bay game without a turnover.

The research I got says that the Falcons are one of 12 teams to go four games without a turnover since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. No team has gone more than four straight games without a turnover in that time frame.

The other 11 teams to go four games without a turnover were the Jets (earlier this season), the Carolina Panthers (late last season), the 2005 Broncos, the 2001 Jets, the 2001 Seahawks, the 1999 Jaguars, the 1998 Bengals, the 1995 Rams, the 1994 Lions, the 1980 Vikings and the 1971 Dolphins.