Sean Payton can throw red flags

When it comes to replay challenges, New Orleans coach Sean Payton is clearly the king of the NFC South and one of the best in the entire NFL.

Payton has used eight challenges and been successful on six of them. That’s 75 percent and only Kansas City’s Todd Haley, who has been successful on all four of his challenges, and Indianapolis’ Jim Caldwell (four out of five) have better percentages.

Payton’s six overturned calls tie him with Tom Coughlin and Pete Carroll for most in the league, but both of those coaches have challenged more frequently than Payton. After Payton, there’s a sharp drop off in challenge success for NFC South coaches.

Tampa Bay’s Raheem Morris is next at 42.9 percent as he has had three of seven challenges overturned. Atlanta’s Mike Smith is three of eight (37.5 percent). And, finally, Carolina’s John Fox is at 20 percent (two of 10).