NFC South lags in Pro Bowl voting

Memo to NFC South fans: If you don’t want to be griping about how the division got shorted in Pro Bowl berths in a couple of weeks, jump over here and vote (often).

According to the latest fan voting totals released by the NFL today, the NFC South isn’t faring too well. The voting continues through Dec. 20 and fan vote counts for only one third of the total voting with coaches and players making up the rest. However, if we go just by current fan voting, only three guys from the NFC South are leading at their positions. They are New Orleans fullback Heath Evans, Atlanta receiver Roddy White and Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez.

That’s it, unless you want to count former NFC South player Julius Peppers. Now playing with the Chicago Bears (whose fans seem to have been voting early and often), Peppers is the vote leader among defensive ends.

But I think that may be largely due to Pepper’s magnetic personality. Speaking of that, what follows is an excerpt of a conference call Peppers did with the New England media today. I’m serious, this is verbatim from the transcript of what the Patriots’ media relations office sent out.

Q: You didn’t have too much success against the Patriots the last time you personally played against them.

JP: Mmhmm.