Reviewing film of NFC South chat

As always, we had an excellent crowd with some great questions in Friday’s NFC South chat. Here are a few of the highlights.

Trey Jones (Smithfield NC) Any chance the Panthers can get both Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh?

Pat Yasinskas: As I said in my post that just went up recently on the blog, I think Harbaugh is at least someone the Panthers will look at. And it's no stretch to see them getting Luck with or without Harbaugh. All right, we're rolling early on this chat.

Jeremy (Columbus, NE) Hey Pat, I love reading your blog. Is it wrong to think that Brent Grimes is better than Dunta Robinson? Interceptions alone tell the tale, and Grimes is getting paid much less for being one of the best corner backs in the NFL. Do you think Atlanta can afford to pay both Grimes and Robinson big bucks?

Pat Yasinskas: Grimes is having a very nice season. But so is Robinson. He's made their entire defense better and is part of the reason Grimes is prospering. I don't think INTs tell the whole story. They can pay Grimes pretty well, but he won't cost them a fortune. If he's on free-agent market, his height will prevent him from getting huge offers because he's not a No. 1 CB.

CC (Atlanta): Haven't been hearing Sam Baker's name/number called nearly as much the last 4-5 weeks. Safe to assume his play has improved some?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, talked to several people with Falcons who think Baker has definitely made some strides this season. Still has a way to go, but they're encouraged with what they've seen over the last month or so.

John (Mission, Texas): Why not bring the Bucs to San Antonio? Texas is all about football, everyone knows that. I would buy season tickets. Wasn't San Antonio trying to get Saints at one point?

Pat Yasinskas: Bucs aren't going anywhere -- at least not yet. Now, if they go a couple more years with attendance problems, then it becomes an issue. But I think sales will improve next year because the team is respectable and should keep getting better.

redzonejones (New York) Do you think the Bucs should give some consideration to Josh McDaniels as their OC?

Pat Yasinskas: Why????????????????????? Greg Olson's doing a great job. And it ain't like Josh McDaniels is a hot property right now.

Here's the entire transcript of the chat.