Falcons close, but no clinch yet

The Atlanta Falcons are 11-2, but have yet to clinch a playoff berth, despite a close call Sunday night.

The Falcons could have clinched if the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday night’s game. It didn’t happen as the Eagles won. But Atlanta still could clinch a playoff berth Monday night if the New York Giants lose to the Minnesota Vikings, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

The Falcons also lead the race for the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. I’ll have more on the playoff picture for NFC South teams on Monday morning. But I’ll give you a little hint. Right now, the Falcons would be in as the top seed and the 10-3 New Orleans Saints would be the No. 5 seed. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5) would not be in if the season ended today. But they’re very much in the picture.

At 8-5, the Bucs currently stand as the No. 7 team in a playoff scenario in which six teams will go to the postseason.