Saints thought of trading to get Wells

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas
All those pre-draft reports about the Saints wanting to take Malcolm Jenkins in the first round were true. So were the reports about them wanting to take Chris "Beanie" Wells.

In his news conference after the first round, New Orleans coach Sean Payton admitted the Saints tried to get both players. This much is certain: The Saints wanted Jenkins at No. 14 all along.

"We weren't really interested once Malcolm was available of moving that pick at all,'' Payton said. "We felt that way going in. You try to have your list of players available at 14 and he was our first choice. We weren't going to entertain any offers -- not that there were any at that time.''

But Payton admitted there might have been offers made by the Saints after that. With Wells sliding further than many expected, Payton admitted the Saints had discussions with the Patriots, who held the 23rd pick. Payton admitted the price tag would have been giving up next year's first-round pick.

"Yes, it would have to be,'' Payton said. "In order to get into the first round, you'd have to be dealing with -- if you look historically that got into the first round it takes a little bit and for us it would have had to have included a pick next year. It's somewhat complicated because as each pick goes on it possibly changes a little bit, but I think those reports are accurate."

Wells ended up being drafted No. 31 by Arizona.