Film of the NFC South chat

In Friday’s NFC South chat, we covered all sorts of ground, as usual. But there was one question that came at the end and developed into a little thread.

I’d like to throw that thread out here for your viewing pleasure and hear your thoughts on the matter. You can argue it out in the comments section below or send notes to my mailbag.

Let’s thank Rich in Tampa, who started off with this question: “Which is the oldest and most traditional history team in the NFC South.

My answer: Think the Saints would have to be the answer. Even in their bad years, they were loveable losers and fans have stood by them. Saints are a way of life in New Orleans, especially since Katrina. Are they the same thing the Packers are to Green Bay? Not quite. But they're not that far off.

That led to the following from J.P. in Kenner, La.: “Pat, thanks for giving the Saints props for their unique history, the Who Dat nation really appreciates it.’’

My response: Well, it's all true. And that's not a knock on any other NFC South fan base. They all have some outstanding qualities. But New Orleans is just a different situation than most places. I mean, Saints are the fabric of that city.

Rich then jumped back in: “I could argue the same about the Bucs. The lovable losers factor. Would you have said the same a year ago?

My response: Ah, not sure I could go with you on that one. I was living in Tampa for a long chunk of their lovable losers phase and it wasn't the same as New Orleans. In fact, there was pretty much an apathy toward the Bucs and former owner Hugh Culverhouse.

Let’s hear your thoughts. Also, here’s the transcript of the NFC South chat. One minor note, which on the transripct. In case you haven't figured it out already, my first answer should have read that I think John Fox is a very "good'' coach, but inadvertently typed in the opposite. As you can tell from the answer, I think Fox did some good things in Carolina, despite the unfortunate ending.