Freeman lights it up -- without defenders

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas
TAMPA, Fla. -- The good news for Buccaneers fans is that Josh Freeman was pretty much flawless in his first hour of NFL practice.

The bad news is so was Rodney Landers.

In case you're not a James Madison fan, Landers is the other quarterback the Bucs brought in for their minicamp. Landers is here for a tryout and probably has little chance of staying after this weekend. Freeman, the first franchise quarterback the Bucs have drafted since 1994, is here for the long haul.

I just got done watching the Bucs go through their first hour of drills, which isn't nearly as thrilling as it sounds. Freeman went through stretching exercises with his teammates and did some running. He and Landers got to work on handing off to running backs.

Then, they got to throw -- to receivers who were uncovered. Neither was intercepted.

After that, the Bucs blew the horn and kicked the media out of practice. They're moving on to their team drills now and I doubt very much they're going to be throwing the full playbook at Freeman anytime soon.

We'll be talking to Freeman and coach Raheem Morris after practice and will be back with that after awhile.