Looking at NFC South playoff picture

ATLANTA -- I just arrived in the city that has a very good chance to be the temporary home of headquarters for the NFC South Blog throughout the postseason.

We already know the Falcons have secured a playoff spot and can win the division and the NFC’s top seed by winning Monday night’s game and we’ve previously covered some postseason scenarios for the Saints.

We’ve got a little update on playoff-clinching scenarios for the Saints, who we already told you still can win the division and the No. 1 seed by winning their final two games and Atlanta losing its final two.

But there are scenarios now on the horizon in which the Saints simply can clinch a playoff spot. They can do it by winning against Atlanta on Monday night or by defeating Tampa Bay in the regular-season finale. Even if the Saints lose both games, they still can clinch a playoff spot next week if the Bears beat the Packers and the Redskins beat the Giants.

The Buccaneers also remain in the playoff hunt, but they face a tougher road than Atlanta and New Orleans. Tampa Bay needs to win its final game at New Orleans and two of the following three to happen: the Saints lose to Atlanta on Monday, the Packers lose to Chicago next week or the Giants lose to the Redskins next week.