Bonus mailbag: Saints

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas
Thanks for the strong response to today's earlier team-by-team mailbags. You sent a bunch of follow-up and new questions and that's why I decided to do a quick bonus edition for each team.

The New Orleans Saints are the final one.

Mookie in parts unknown writes: Hey Pat, Gregg Williams defensive scheme didn't seem to do so well in Jacksonville, What was the deal ? And why didn't they keep him around for more than 1 year if he's soo good ? Please post a reply, I think you're such a friggin genius.

Pat Yasinskas: It's true that Williams didn't have much success in Jacksonville, but there were several factors at work. There were injuries and there were some clashes with Jack Del Rio. The Jaguars struggled all around and that impacted the defense. Williams will get a fresh start with the Saints and that should help. The guy has a reputation as being one of the best defensive minds in the game and I think he'll be looking for some redemption after last year.

Chris in Beaumont, TX writes: Hey Pat love what your doing as I read this blog everyday. Big Saints fan here and was wondering have the Saints had any contact with Edge that you have heard??

Pat Yasinskas: I do not have any concrete knowledge that the Saints have had any contact with Edgerrin James. But I know a lot of fans are speculating about that possibility and anything is possible. But the Saints are looking for a short-yardage runner. I think James wants a situation where he can be more than that.

Ray in Alexandria writes: We obviously needed an upgrade in the Saints' secondary, but is there enough competition at DE to push Smith and Grant to perform up to their contracts?

Pat Yasinskas: I think the Saints have decent depth at defensive end. Bobby McCray is a very good pass rusher and I think he can flourish if he's allowed to focus on that role. Paul Spicer is a versatile veteran and he should help. But it's still up to Will Smith and Charles Grant to step up and play to their potential and there is plenty of potential with each of them. We'll see what happens.