NFC South has chance to make history

Here in the South, where we sometimes have an inferiority complex and wonder why all the national attention seems to go to the teams from the divisions that have North and East after their conference designations, it’s time to stand proud.

The NFC South could make history Sunday. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Sunday, the NFC South will have three teams with 10 wins or more. The Atlanta Falcons (12 wins) and the New Orleans Saints (11) already have done their parts.

Since the NFL realigned to its current division setup in 2002, there has been only one time when three teams from a division have had double-digit wins in one season and my AFC South buddy Paul Kuharsky can take pride in this.

In 2007, the Indianapolis Colts won 13 games, the Jacksonville Jaguars won 11 and the Tennessee Titans had 10.