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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Let’s jump back to the news conference that Carolina owner Jerry Richardson had this morning and touch on several different points.

Richardson explained his decision not to offer coach John Fox a contract extension.

“If we look at John Fox’s tenure, he did an outstanding job in a number of ways," Richardson said. "The fact is we had three winning seasons and failed to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. If you were writing the check, would you extend someone’s contract who you are not sure can produce the results?"

Here are another two quotes I found interesting.

“I would hope we have a head coach that’s compatible with the organization.’’

“We were not specific enough about what we wanted [from Fox and previous coaches].’’

The best interpretation I can give you on those is that somewhere along the way, Fox and the owner veered off on different courses about what’s expected from the coach. Clearly, the first order of business is to coach. But, early in his tenure, Fox also was a bit of a salesman. He grabbed the microphone and talked to fans at training camp and did some television commercials. In later years, Fox stayed clear of that type of thing. It's going to be made very clear to the new coach that he has to do more than coach.

Richardson also made it a point to say the 2-14 season hasn’t dampened his hopes for the future.

“I’m as enthusiastic as I ever have been," Richardson said. "I am extraordinarily excited about the young players on our team."

Although the Panthers have a bunch of key players who could become free agents, Richardson said the team will not make any effort to sign them or make any trades until the league’s labor situation is resolved.

Richardson also took exception to several questions that implied he wasn’t spending enough money to acquire top talent.

“As I former player, I think I may want to win more than some others," he said.