Too early to name NFC South MVP

With the regular season concluded, NFC West colleague Mike Sando has his weekly MVP Watch. Tom Brady is No. 1 and I have no doubt the New England quarterback will win the actual MVP honors.

But Sando has three NFC South players in the top 10. They’re all quarterbacks. He has the New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees at No. 4, the Atlanta Falcons' Matt Ryan at No. 6 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Josh Freeman at No. 7.

I’ve got no argument with those rankings at the moment. But I’m not ready to declare an NFC South MVP just yet. I’ll do that after the Saints and Falcons are finished playing.

But I’ll tell you right now Freeman will finish third. He had a great season and may be a candidate for league-wide MVP honors in the future. But, for this season, the NFC South MVP will come down to Brees and Ryan and I’m not prepared to call this race yet.

I’ve got a hunch the Saints and Falcons will meet again. Even if they don’t, I want to see how Brees and Ryan and their teams do in the postseason before deciding. I think the two are very close and, let me be clear, I am talking only about their performances this season. Brees obviously has had a better career, but I think he and Ryan have been pretty close to equal this season.

We’ll let the postseason decide who is the NFC South’s MVP.