Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

Lots of great questions in Friday’s NFC South chat. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Marcus (Concord, NC): Hey Pat, do you think that the Panthers are even gonna look at a guy like Josh McDaniels for the OC job? Also will they shop around their pick and try to pick up either Kyle Orton or Vince Young in a trade down?

Pat Yasinskas: I suspect whoever the Panthers hire as OC might be a bigger name than their head coach. They've got to get the offense right. Not sure if McDaniels would be the guy, but somebody like him. As far as QB, they've got to get someone who is at least a viable alternative to Clausen. With Luck out of the picture, that will have to come through free agency or a trade.

John (Mission, TX): Why does the Bucs win over saints not get any praise. All you hear is Ssaints had injured players. So did the Bucs and they had many rookies starting. Why does this happen? Bucs will be a team to look out for in the next year..

Pat Yasinskas: No argument here. Bucs went out and showed they can beat a good team. They're going to be good going forward. Heck, with Freeman, they should be good for the next decade.

redzonejones (NY): Do you think the Bucs will do what they did last year and grab two bookend DE?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, in some way, shape or form. Might not be first and second picks like it was with DTs. But they may get a couple throughout the draft or draft one and sign one as a free agent. It's an obvious need and they know they have to take care of that.

Matthew (Mississippi): Pat, will Jerious Norwood ever be a factor in ATL? He has shown flashes but can't seem to shake the injury bug.

Pat Yasinskas: No, I think they'll let Norwood go and look for a speed back in the draft.

JP (Inverness, FL): Who are you more impressed with Ryan after a season and a half, or Freeman? I know Ryan developed a little differently, but it was not that long ago he was about where Freeman is now and since I think they may be the next great division QB rivals, now is a great time to speculate.

Pat Yasinskas: Excellent question. I really like them both. They're two different guys in two different offenses, so it's hard to compare them. But I think their presence means Falcons and Bucs should be good for the next decade or so. And Brees still has some good years left, so the NFC South is going to be strong for a long time to come.

Here's the complete transcript of the NFC South chat.