Gonzo: Falcons need big game from fans

The Atlanta Falcons went 7-1 in the Georgia Dome this season. But as the Falcons get ready for their first postseason home game since the 2004 season, tight end Tony Gonzalez said it’s time to maximize the benefit of playing at home.

Gonzalez spent most of his career in Kansas City, where fans are known for their dedication to the Chiefs. Speaking to reporters at the team’s Flowery Branch, Ga., facility Tuesday, Gonzalez said he expects the intensity in the Georgia Dome to be similar to Kansas City when the Falcons host the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night.

“It’s getting close,’’ Gonzalez said when asked to compare Atlanta crowds to the ones in Kansas City. “Come playoff time, I’m hoping it goes up another notch. Kansas City, there isn’t anything else going on in that town and they’re just die-hard Chief fans out there. You see it in Atlanta. You see it in spurts. I’d like to see it a little bit more. I think they do understand the advantage it gives you as a home team to have that crowd in there just going nuts, going crazy. It throws everything off that they’re trying to do when their offense is on the field. It’s a huge, huge advantage for us. The Falcons fans are coming along. They’re going to get better. Hopefully we do as a team as well.’’