Around the NFC South

Time for a Wednesday afternoon look at what's going on across the NFC South.

Carolina college scouting director Don Gregory, who isn’t in the public eye often, answered some questions from Joseph Person at the Senior Bowl. The most interesting thing might be the fact Gregory said the Panthers are using their time in Mobile, Ala. To gather background information on Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley, who is not participating in the game because he is not a college senior. But Fairley grew up Mobile and the Panthers are talking to some people close to him.

Here’s a detailed look at the second phase of the overhaul of the Superdome, which is taking place now.

Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik talked at length to reporters at the Senior Bowl. No huge news, but Dominik covered a lot of ground. The two highlights were him talking about the importance of getting the right guy when the team hires a new defensive line coach and about the possibility of re-signing some potential free agents before a possible March lockout. The defensive line coach is hugely important because he’ll have to continue to develop tackles Gerald McCoy and Brian Price in their second year. Although Dominik says he’ll stay in touch with the agents for potential free agents in the coming weeks, I wouldn’t expect many deals by Tampa Bay or teams around the league. Most teams want to wait until there is a new labor deal in place before doing any big contracts.

Carolina team president Danny Morrison sent out a letter to season-ticket holders. It had a pretty optimistic tone about the arrival of new coach Ron Rivera and the Panthers holding the top pick in this year’s draft. But Morrison echoed the previous comments of owner Jerry Richardson and said there has not been a lot of progress in talks toward a new labor deal. You can take that part how you want. Richardson is leading the owners in this talk and the repeated words about a lack of progress could be a way of preparing fans for tough times. Or you could view it as Richardson negotiating and trying to put the pressure on the players and their union.