'America's Team:' What about the Saints?

As part of our Super Bowl coverage over on our main NFL page, we're running a package that debates which team is the real "America's Team."

Chad Millman writes that it's the Steelers. Gene Wojciechowski says it's the Packers, and Tim MacMahon makes the case for the Cowboys.

I'm not going to argue with the Steelers and the Packers, and I recognize the Cowboys used to hold this title back when they were still relevant, which was more than a decade ago.

Green Bay and Pittsburgh are different than the NFC South franchises. They've been around forever and that's created fan bases that span generations. But I'd make an argument that the Saints at least belong in the argument. At the very least, the Saints are the closest thing the NFC South has to a national team.

Maybe the Saints would be in the argument if the argument was coming a year ago when the Saints were playing in the Super Bowl. They had the spotlight then and Who Dat Nation was out in full force.

Last year's Super Bowl victory added a lot to the lore of the Saints and was another huge step in the recovery of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina. Drew Brees ranks up there with any front man in the league.

Maybe the Saints don't have enough tradition to take the title away from those other three teams. But, in the NFC South, they have the highest national profile.