Checking the film of NFC South chat

We covered a lot of the usual NFC South ground in Friday’s chat, but we also opened it up to some Super Bowl talk and I even gave my official Super Bowl prediction. Here are some of the highlights.

Jeff (Huntsville) If Mularkey is the new HC of the Titans and we already lost Musgrave to the Vikings, who do you see the Falcon's bringing in as their OC?

Pat Yasinskas: That's a huge question because there aren't many guys available because almost every other staff has been filled. Smitty will really have to reach deep into his bag of tricks to get a good OC at this time of year.

Matt (Florida) Why not play the Super Bowl in Hawaii instead?

Pat Yasinskas: With the weather in Dallas this week, that sounds like a great idea. You've got my vote. Or I'd just play it in Tampa, Miami, New Orleans and Arizona on a rotating basis. Throw in San Diego or LA if either builds a new stadium.

Chad (Vegas) Does anyone with any NFC South ties get into the HOF this year? Unfortunately I say no.

Pat Yasinskas: I think Deion gets in. Although he bounced around, he did have four or five years with the Falcons. I think it's going to be real close on Willie Roaf. I think he's a Hall of Famer, but afraid he might have to wait a year or two.

Ken (NY) Who wins the Super Bowl?

Pat Yasinskas: All right, here's my official prediction, for whatever it's worth: Green Bay 24, Pittsburgh 21.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s chat.