Fun with Richardson-Manning flap

My AFC South colleague Paul Kuharsky is asking his readers to have a little fun and share their thoughts on Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson allegedly insulting Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning during a labor negotiating session the day before the Super Bowl.

Kuharsky’s asking his readers to give their responses on what Manning should have said back to Richardson. So let’s turn it around here and get real hypothetical and ask what Richardson should have followed up with if Manning responded (and we don’t know if he did).

Here’s my proposed Richardson response: “One Super Bowl win? Nice. I played with Johnny Unitas, before there was a Super Bowl, and you, sir, are no Johnny Unitas. By the way, I made my millions the hard way. I sold hamburgers. I didn’t spend my entire adult life making television commercials.’’

Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments section below.