Doug Williams rips Buccaneers

Doug Williams, who is returning for a second stint as head coach at Grambling State University, took some strong shots at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, particularly general manager Mark Dominik, in this story by The St. Petersburg Times.

Williams had spent six years working in Tampa Bay’s personal department before he was pushed out last offseason. The Bucs hired him away from Grambling and, at the time, that move was celebrated by Tampa Bay fans. Williams was Tampa Bay’s quarterback in the early years and was a fan favorite. When Williams left the Bucs for a contract in the United States Football League, former Tampa Bay owner Hugh Culverhouse was portrayed as the villain for not paying Williams enough money.

His more recent departure from the Bucs wasn’t nearly as public, but Williams apparently views it as a situation where he was treated unfairly, similar to when he left as a player.

"The good ol' boy network is alive and well,'' Williams, who most recently was working as a general manager in the United Football League, told The Times. "But it's changed from the good ol' boy network to the fraternity. I always find a way to overcome and just keep going forward.

"I look at it this way, you've got guys sitting in the front office that never coached. I just didn’t coach college, I coached high school. If you've got the patience and time to coach high school, you can do other jobs. There are guys who learned the (football) language and never got their hands dirty, per se. They can’t go back and get their hands dirty again.’’

It doesn’t take much to figure out Williams is talking about Dominik, who has spent his entire adult life working on the personnel side. It’s been well known in Tampa Bay that Dominik and Williams didn’t get along and that led to the departure.

Williams won the battle of public opinion in a landslide in his first departure. Maybe that was an accurate portrayal of what happened at the time. Maybe Williams has some points this time, too.

But, just remember, there are two sides to every story.