Quick Carolina notes

I’ve got a couple of Carolina Panthers notes to share with you.

First off, I was lucky enough to be asked by my friends at Carolina Huddle to join them on a podcast Thursday night. Their first guest was Carolina linebacker Jon Beason and he’s a tough act to follow. But we covered all sorts of ground in our chat. We talked about the labor situation, the quarterback situation and even about Armanti Edwards. You can listen to the podcasts with Beason and me right here.

Second, and this one’s a little outside the usual football stuff but it’s far more important. A big tip of the (Penn State) hat to Steve Reed, the longtime Panthers beat writer for The Gaston Gazette. Steve recently donated a kidney to help someone in desperate need. I’ve got a particular soft spot for anyone who does something like this because a stranger saved my sister’s life when she needed a bone-marrow transplant. That was almost eight years ago and my sister is still going strong.

Steve’s been a friend since even before we covered the Panthers together and I’m wishing him all the best. My knees are healing quickly from some recent surgery and I hope Steve mends up well. We’ve got an important meeting in Spartanburg, S.C., in August and I want Steve to be at his best. Pick-up basketball games among the Carolina media are known to break out during training camp. Not to slight anyone else in the Carolina media corps (radio play-by-play man Mick Mixon has a decent outside shot), but Steve’s the one guy in the group I enjoy playing against most. I look forward to seeing him back on the court.