Film of the NFC South chat

Even at a time when so much is up in the air because of labor uncertainty, we still managed to cover a good deal of ground in Friday’s NFC South chat.

Here are a few highlights.

Greg (VA) With the CBA up in the air does the NFL office still work on making the 2011 schedule?

Pat Yasinskas: That is an excellent question. Actually had a conversation with somebody about this the other day and this is a high-ranking official with one of my teams. He said, yes, the league still goes about business as usual on creating the schedule.

David Im (San Diego): Pat, huge fan, you do a great job of covering the NFC South. Just wondering what your take is on the Garrett Hartley extension. I know he was great two years ago for the Saints, but he had a rough last season where he missed critical kicks and was benched at one point. What were the Saints thinking locking him up for 5 years!?

Pat Yasinskas: Kid has lots of talent, although he has been erratic at some points. But I think, in some ways, they're thinking a vote of confidence might settle him down and help make him more consistent.

Zach (Chapel Hill) I’m a little taken back by the Shockey signing...cant help but to think of the Keyshawn Johnson fiasco a few years ago.

Pat Yasinskas: That's kind of my thoughts on it. Not sure he has much left and not sure he's a good fit. But, hey, Hurney and Rivera did it for a reason and we'll see what happens.

Paul Brotherton (Charlotte, NC) Jimmy Clausen can't throw over an o-line to save his life. Pat, do you know his % of passes deflected at the line?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, but you know what, there's a QB in New Orleans that sometimes has problems with that too. He's even shorter than Clausen, but he's got a coaching staff that factors his size into that and doesn't put him in a position where he's throwing into the defensive line too often. It seems to have worked well for Mr. Brees.

You can read the entire transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat here.