Is the sky is falling?

Well, it looks like the labor talks have fallen apart -- in pretty ugly fashion. Already, the league and the players’ union are pointing figures at each other. The union has applied for decertification and we’re waiting to hear if the league will implement a lockout.

You can follow all the action over on our news side. If a lockout is declared, we’ll have full analysis on how that will impact each NFC South team.

Things may get pretty quiet around the football world in the coming weeks, but that won’t be the case here. We’ll continue to prepare for the draft, which will still go on with or without a labor agreement. The NFC South blog will be at the annual NFL meeting, which still is scheduled to begin March 20.

We’ll continue with the weekly NFC South chats on Fridays and we’ve got some other plans to fill the time. We might get a little creative in some ways, and I’m open to your suggestions. One thing I’m thinking about doing if there is a lockout is taking a ride out to One Buccaneer Place. I’ve got a credential that should still be good to get me on the property.

Sad to say, Josh Freeman's also got one of those cards and, if there is a lockout, his card won’t work.