Programming note: Chat change

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Just a reminder to anyone who goes by our regular chat schedule that we're not on our regular chat schedule this week. We shifted our NFC South chat to Wednesday and you can read the transcript here.

In our usual 1 p.m. ET time slot Friday, NFC East colleague Matt Mosley will be chatting about our all-decade package that's been running all week. I don't want to tell anybody what to do on another guy's chat, but I've heard a very strong rumor that Mosley didn't think Derrick Brooks belonged on the all-decade defense. There's also a whisper out there that Mose voted for Tom Landry to be coach of the decade. Again, it's all unconfirmed. Take it from there.

The NFC South chat will not take place the next few weeks, but we're scheduled to resume July 24. I'll give you a reminder as it gets closer.