Let's pick NFC South all-decade team

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Ever since ESPN.com began running our all-decade package this week, readers have been suggesting we come up with an all-decade team for the NFC South.

I think that's a wonderful idea, particularly at the slowest time of the NFL year. Let's all take some time and give this some serious thought. I'm going to ponder this as I take a little down time before training camps start.

When I return the week of July 20, I'll look at what you had to say and compile a consensus all-decade team. Let's do an offense (a standard 11-player set), defense (we're running a 4-3 scheme), kicker, punter, return man and coach.

Let's set a few basic rules (and we'll make some more if problems surface). Let's start with the premise that any player has to have played most of this decade in the NFC South. In other words, even though Tony Gonzalez is the best tight end of the decade and is now with the Atlanta Falcons, he doesn't qualify because he's spent the decade (up to now) with Kansas City.

And let's consider only what's happened from the 2000 season until now. Be fair, be creative, be thorough and have fun with this.

You can start sharing your all-decade teams in the comments section below or you can send it to my mailbag -- or you can do both. Actually, doing both would probably be the best way to make sure I see everyone's team. Again, this won't be running for a few weeks, although I suspect I might start scanning your team's a little early and give you a quick preview of how the results are shaping up before we announce the real team. So take your time and, most of all, enjoy.