Buccaneers disappear; more to follow?

Very interesting story by Roy Cummings about the new look at Raymond James Stadium.

Those of us who live in the Tampa Bay area have gotten very used to driving by the stadium and seeing those massive banners of players -- eight of them. Well, they’re gone now. A team official told Cummings there were other factors involved in the decision to take down the banners. But you can draw your own conclusions about the timing. In other words, the banners came down right about the same time the NFL declared a lockout.

Makes you wonder if this is something we could see more of around the league. I don’t know all the legalities, and I sure as heck don’t know what teams might have up their sleeves as the labor battle and finger-pointing that comes with it continues to escalate.

I’m just thinking out loud and using one example here, but what about that nifty television ad that’s been running for months with the Atlanta Falcons (we’re talking players, coaches and owner Arthur Blank) riding on the school bus?

Do the Falcons or the league step in and make it disappear? Or maybe the players step in and make it go away because they don’t want to market a team and a league that’s locked them out?